This is the team's marketing mind map, we will release a more presentable roadmap in next coming days. 

Marketing is a complex animal and cannot be easily justified by a single roadmap presentation. Our team has experience in social media marketing, content creation, distribution and saturation. 

What we are building is a marketing machinery which is different from normal marketing we are used to. We are building the tools, team and processes to make our marketing machinery an efficient system in generating results for the community.

Why do we need to make it complex?

Because this same machinery will be used so many times in marketing programs of upcoming Khuriya projects in the future.


We are generating a lot of interest from influencers, community owners and companies because of our recent volume. All of them will be disorganized if we just use the telegram app. We are onboarding now a full-time onboarding officer that will use CRM tools to properly process inquiries and partnerships.

Just a funny note, 2 out of 10 people reaching out to us are scammers and they are actually quite good and well coordinated. So please be careful out there. Scammers are smart now in defi.


We are targeting the top influencers in Youtube, Facebook and Tiktok. Someone will be in charge of reaching out and doing day to day partnerships for us.

They'll be using the same CRM and Kanban tools to properly move each and every partnership process. Some influencers might be interested right away and the good ones might need a lot of follow throughs, this is why we need tools to properly track our progress,


Now here is where it gets interesting and this is where we separate the men from the boys.

The purpose of our NFT is not just to be cute and cuddly. We are building our NFT to be a weapon of mass marketing destruction in BSC. Inbound and outbound partnerships are constantly funnelled to become future NFT partners.

The NFT machinery is a marketing system by itself building more partnerships, influencers, investors and more funding. 


Another machinery will be built for content distribution. The internet is a noisy place and you have to fight fire with fire. We are building a system of simplifying content creation from the main source and redistributing long-form and short form contents on all social media platforms.

Defy's marketing efforts are still different from the effort driven by the community. Hopefully, through community training, tools and processes we will be able to sync information and saturate the internet heavily with DefyDefi content.


Tools, protocols, onboarding UI, Defy directory and Community directory will be built to easily navigate collaboration and communitcation across all teams.